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Getting into work or volunteering can be empowering. 

It can improve confidence and work can give you more money to be independent.

Here you will find;

  • education centres and colleges
  • organisations that offer training
  • places to get employment advice
  • businesses that are looking for volunteers

On the left there are links directing you to employment agencies and the Job Centre. Not only do they help you into employment, but they prepare you for it too.

Support into Work

If you have been out of work for a while, or don’t know how to get started, you could benefit from some support.

Support comes in different forms: from finding services provided by the Jobcentre, to support for people with disabilities.

Careers Advice

Maybe you need some advice. It could be to access the right training to kick-start your career, or to find opportunities for a career change.


There are many chances to volunteer across Southend. We can direct you to the best places to start.

Volunteering services can offer you;

  • Advice
  • Guidance
  • Training
  • Support

Volunteering is a great way to network in your community, and provides a lot of opportunities for self-improvement.