Working & Volunteering

Welcome to our new website. You may have previously known us as ‘Southend Information Point (SHIP)'. Don’t worry we have all the same information as the old site.

Getting into work or volunteering can be fulfilling and empowering.  It can improve self-confidence and help to build social networks – plus, work can give you more money to be independent with!  

In this category, you will find education centres and colleges, organisations that offer training to help you get into employment, places to get employment advice, and organisations that are looking for volunteers.

You will also find links to the left of this page, directing you to employment agencies and the Job Centre, who not only help you into employment, but prepare you for it too. Our directory is full of self-help opportunities and ways of nurturing your skills, or learning new ones! Perform a search or, alternatively, click to ‘view all categories in this service’.

Support into Work

If you’ve been out of work for a while, or you aren’t sure how to get started, you could benefit from some support getting back into employment. Support comes in different forms: from discovering services provided by the JobCentre, to getting clued up about employment support for people with disabilities.

Careers Advice

Perhaps it’s advice you need, whether that be accessing the right training to kick-start your career, or finding opportunities to make that all-important career change.


There are many opportunities to volunteer across Southend, and we can direct you to the best places to start. Volunteering services can offer you advice, guidance, training and support to ensure you have all the skills necessary to best serve your community. Volunteering is an excellent way to network within your community, and provides a whole multitude of opportunities for self-improvement.