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Livewell Southend / SEND Local Offer

Southend Early Autism Support (SEAS) Course

This course is for parents of children under 5 years old within the Southend area with either a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition or who present with social communication difficulties that have been identified by a recognised professional. 

The course gives parents the chance to speak to professionals directly to learn more about the following areas and find useful ways of helping their child.

Topics covered

The Topics covered on the course are:

  • An introduction to autism with Paula Pashley, Educational Psychologist
  • Understanding your child’s communication – Sarah Raymond, Speech and Language Therapist
  • Supporting your child’s play with the Early Years SEN Team
  • Sensory difficulties in autism with Tracy Bakonyvari & Helen Smith-Vicary
  • Feeding and toileting support with the Play and Development Advisory Team
  • Sleep and behaviour support with Paula Pashley and Helen Smith-Vicary
  • Support available to families in the area with Special Educational Needs and Disability Independent Advisory Services (SENDIASS), Little Heroes ASD Support Group and the Southend SEND Independent Forum (SSIF)

Course frequency and details

Two courses run each year - one is online, the other is face-to-face.

The online course:

The first course is online via video call.  This course is made up of 6 sessions, each lasting 1 hour, where parents get to meet professionals and ask any questions they have on supporting their child. This takes part in the summer term (just after the Easter holidays).

The face to face course:

This course is 6 sessions face to face with professionals present. This is currently held at the Tickfield Centre, however the venue may change due to COVID 19 restrictions. Anyone who is on the course will be told the time, location and days of the course before they start and will be sent resources via email

How to join the course

You can be referred by any professional working with your child if they feel that this would be the right course for you. This can include the Play and Development team, Paediatrician or Speech and Language Therapist.


Contact details for more information

For any other details you can contact Tracy Bakonyvari, Helen Smith-Vicary  or any member of the Early Years SEND Support Service or 07442 866746  or  07918 223834


 Last updated: 09 Jan 2023

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