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EHC Hub - All you need to know

This page tells you about the new EHC on-line hub and how to use it

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What is the EHC Hub

What is the EHC Hub?

Southend Borough Council’s SEND Team is changing the way it processes requests for Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments, how it issues and maintains Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and how it reviews and monitors those EHCP’s.

The SEN Team has been a paperless service for some time.  We are now launching an online portal called the EHC Hub.  The EHC Hub is a digital platform for families, professionals and education settings to engage,contribute and collaborate on EHC assessments, plans and reviews.

The EHC Hub portal will streamline current processes provides users with an open, transparent system that engages parents, carers, settings and professionals

In response to the Local Area Inspection Report,Southend Borough Council commits to:

  • Deliver its statutory duties to children and young people with SEND in a timely, transparent and person centred way.
  • Information gathered through EHC assessments and annual reviews is shared consistently and transparently with children and young people with SEND and their families.
  • Children, young, people and their families confirm that their views and aspirations are shared across services within the area to ensure that they only have to tell their story once.
  • Person centred outcomes are identified by key professionals working with the child or young person, across the area

The EHC Hub assists the LA with its commitment.

The Hub allows parents/carers to track their child/Young Person’s assessment and see who has been asked to provide advice.  When registered parents/carers are able to upload their own comments and views including photos and video’s as part of the EHC needs assessment or annual review process.  The child/Young Person is also able to contribute in this way. (Please note the system can attach multiple videos but they should be no longer than 3 minutes in length each) The child/Young Person’s educational setting, and any professional working with them will also register and contribute their views within the EHC Hub. They can upload reports so that relevant and up to date information is shared with you, the SEN Team and the other professionalsinvolved.  The portal will ensure that parents/carers and anyone working with the child/Young person has access to the same information,at the same time, reducing the need or information to be repeated.


The EHC Hub provides transparency about decisions with information that is clear and accessible to all those involved in the assessment or review process with those involved having access to decisions as soon as they are made.

Children, young people and their families will remain at the heart of the EHC process and using the EHC Hub to conduct assessments and reviews supports this.   Regular feedback will be obtained from professionals and families to ensure that we uphold our commitment to ensure that the experience of children and young people with SEND and their families improves as a result of professionals’ ability to access detailed and accurate information about their needs and to coproduce good quality EHCP’s.

 The EHC Hub pilot commenced in January 2020 and we have been working with settings and families in piloting annual reviews meeting and processing new requests for assessment.  The feedback from pilot user continues to shape our development of the EHC Hub.  

Our aim is to go LIVE with the EHC Hub to all Southend pupils and settings with effect from September 2020, please keep checking Southend SEND Local Offer for updates.

We are inviting interested parties in participating in the pilot to contact the SEN Service directly to discuss this by emailing



Registering an account with the Southend EHC Hub

Registering an account with Southend EHC Hub

If you have received an email inviting you to register on the EHC Hub, click on the link within the email to create your password. Access to the EHC Hub at this stage is only available from this email.

Once you have created your password you will be asked to select how to receive your Two Factor Authenticity (TFA) code – you are able to use of a 2Factor App or via SMS (a text message to a chosen mobile phone number).  If you choose SMS please input the number you would like to receive the codes to.

When you have selected your chosen TFA method you will not need to do this again.  To log into the EHC Hub visit 

 Last updated: 06 Apr 2021

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