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What is a Personal Assistant?

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A Personal Assistant (PA) is someone who is hired to help you live your life.

They may offer personal care such as help with;

  • washing
  • dressing
  • cooking

They may support you to;

  • get out of the house
  • meet up with friends
  • go to work
  • play an active part in the community

They may provide help with;

  • reading mail
  • financial transactions
  • shopping
  • other activities

You are in control of what your PA does when they are working with you. They are there to provide you with the help you want, when you need it. 

If they cook for you, you decide what you eat. 

If they help you to get dressed, you decide what you wear. 

If they complete a form for you, you decide what is written.

PA's can be;

  • provided by an agency
  • be employed directly by you
  • be self-employed

Not all systems work for everyone. If a PA is employed by another organisation, you should have an agreement with them at the start, what they are going to do.

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 Last updated: 10 Mar 2020

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