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Your Local Offer, your way sessions

Title says Your Local Offer, Your Way. The graphics show a group of people working around a table. Some are seating down and others are standing up.

The SEND Local Offer website is your guide to services and support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) living in Southend.

We want to make sure the website is your ‘go-to’ resource, and that the information on it is clear and easy to find.

‘Your Local Offer, your way’ sessions will run throughout the year. Each session will focus on a particular area of the SEND Local Offer website. They are an opportunity for you to tell us what information you need, so that we can make sure the Local Offer is working for you.

All are welcome, so if you are a young person with SEND, a parent carer of a child or young person with SEND, or if you support children and young people with SEND and their families, please come along and have your say.

You can join us at a face-to-face or virtual meeting, or can email your suggestions to us at

March 2023:

  • Tuesday 28 March 2023 - Drop-in session from 9:00am to midday. Committee room 2, Civic Centre. Book here.
  • Tuesday 28 March 2023 - Online session from 7:15 to 8:15pm. Book here.

May 2023: 

  • Date and venue TBC. 
  • Tuesday 16 May 2023 - Online session from 7:15pm to 8:15pm. Book here.

July 2023: 

  • Tuesday 11 July 2023 - Drop-in session from 9:00am to midday. Caxton Room. The Tickfield Centre. Book here.
  • Monday 17 July 2023 - Online session from 7:15pm to 8:15pm. Book here.

To keep up to date with future ‘Your Local Offer, your way’ session dates and topics, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram; and subscribe to the monthly SEND e-newsletter.

We look forward to hearing your views.

Information about what must be included on the SEND Local Offer and how the information must be developed and presented can be found in:

Feedback from September 2022 sessions

Face to face session on 20 September was attended by 8 people including 3 parent carers. There were no attendees at the online session on 26 September. 

A summary of comments and feedback is provided below. The Local Offer team are currently developing content based on this feedback. 

Suggested ideas for presenting information – Makaton, video’s, social stories.  

Some young people will not look at websites. Important not to patronise. Tik Tok and Instagram are good. Be real and tap into those who have relationships with young people. Recommendations for services and activities from other parent carers are important. Universal services to understand the needs of SEND children. Need training for activity providers on how to be inclusive and support those with SEND.

Break information down into ages, for example, 9-16 years and 16 to 25 years. People over 18 may look at sites focused on services for adults to find information.

Suggestions for content:               

  • How can I make friends? Bear in mind that some neurodiverse children and young people may not want to make friends.
  • Activities and clubs. Would be helpful if activity providers have information about what to expect at an activity – this could be a video of the venue with staff introducing themselves and talking about the activity/service.  
  • Clear information about the holiday activities and food programme (HAF) and eligibility criteria.  
  • Suggested keeping Preparing for adulthood information separate to the I am a young person section.
  • Information about Disabled Persons Assessment.
  • Hairdressers that are SEND friendly “where can I get my hair done?”
  • Information on how to book appointments with dentists and doctors.
  • Support information about bullying.
  • Use terms such as “I am feeling sad or depressed” or “I don’t feel well” instead of/alongside “mental health”.
  • Sex and relationships
  • Help with managing money
  • Help with managing daily life.
  • Help with form filling.
  • More information needed about Early Help.  
  • Questions young people may have that would be good to provide answers to:
    • Can I get help with my exams?”
    • Am I being safe online?
    • Am I being hygienic?

November 2022 and January 2023 sessions

We want to develop a set of pages on the SEND Local Offer which provide information and details of support services relating to particular SEND conditions, for example, physical difficulties and dyslexia.

The November sessions (which ran on Monday 7 and Tuesday 15 November) focused on getting feedback on what areas people would like us to cover, and what aspects should be covered within the pages.

Areas discussed were autism, dyslexia, chronic anxiety and mental health and anorexia. 

Parent carers have requested `route maps’ to guide them through their journey and help them navigate the range of services and support. 

Work has now started on developing a `route map' relating to neurodivergent conditions. This should provide us with a structure from which we can develop `route maps' for other conditions. 

Discussions on this topic continued in our January online session. 

All are welcome to join us at Your Local Offer Your Way sessions. If you aren't able to attend a session but would like to be involved, please contact us at or on 01702 212328.

 Last updated: 23 Mar 2023

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