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Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Following an EHC needs assessment the local authority will decide whether it is necessary for it to make provision in accordance with an EHC plan (EHCP).  An EHCP is a legal document that details the child/young person’s needs, their aspirations and desired outcomes and the provision that they need in order to achieve those outcomes.

The purpose of an EHC plan is to make special educational provision to meet the special educational needs of the child or young person, to secure the best possible outcomes for them across education, health and social care and, as they get older, prepare them for adulthood.


EHC plans should specify how services will be delivered as part of a whole package and explain how best to achieve the outcomes sought across education, health and social care for the child or young person.


EHC plans will be used to actively monitor children and young people’s progress towards their outcomes and longer term aspirations. They must be reviewed by the local authority as a minimum every 12 months; this is called an Annual Review.  Either the Local Authority or the child/young person’s educational setting will arrange this Annual Review meeting. Annual Reviews must focus on the child or young person’s progress towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHC plan. The review must also consider whether these outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate.

 Last updated: 04 Feb 2020

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