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Southend SEND: Provision Guidance for Schools

‘’Southend SEND: Provision Guidance’’ can be used as a reference point for schools to check that they are doing all that can be expected to do to meet the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEND).

The guidance sets out what good provision looks like.

It can be used by all school staff, SEND professionals and practitioners.

This guidance is to be considered alongside ‘Southend SEND: Shared Expectations’ which details what is expected to be in place in ALL Southend mainstream schools, and what schools need to provide for ALL pupils with SEND. 

Southend SEND: Provision Guidance’ will:

  • Provide examples of provision that can be considered when planning for ALL pupils including pupils with SEND

  •  Provide a point of reference for staff when deciding which level of the graduated response a pupil is working at

  •  Enable robust monitoring or self-evaluation against provision that may be expected for SEND and judgements to be made

  •  Provide support for decision making at school level as provision is put in place and plans produced to meet pupils’ SEND needs

  •  Ensure greater consistency of practice for SEND across all Southend schools

Version 1 was issued in March 2020

Version 2 was issued in March 2022

 Last updated: 12 Jul 2022

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