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Southend Safeguarding Adults Board

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The Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) aims to protect adults with care and support needs.

That is adults who;

  • have care or support needs
  • are less able to defend themselves

SAB aims to:

  • Grow a culture that does not allow abuse.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Stop abuse.
  • Safeguard the rights of people who are harmed.
  • Access services, including advocacy and post-abuse support.
  • Gain better access to legal services.

The main aim is:

  • To talk with adults at risk to ensure that the safeguarding process is efficient.
  • To review SET procedures to make sure they are current.
  • To act on feedback.
  • To ensure that training meets the SET Training Strategy.
  • To carry out serious safeguarding reviews.
  • To link the work of the SAB to the wider crime and disorder reduction work.
 Last updated: 21 May 2020

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