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Support at Home - Age UK

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As we get older, we start to face difficulties day-to-day.

This could be;

  • cleaning
  • shopping
  • taking medications
  • bathing
  • using the stairs

There are services to help you keep your independence at home.

You will find information on home aids and adaptations. These can be used to take the stress out of daily living.

There is extra information about care-related concerns, from

  • hospital discharges
  • home adaptations
  • paying for care

Age UK Factsheets

FS1: Help with heating costs

FS6: Finding help at home

FS34: Attendance Allowance

FS42: Disability equipment and home adaptations

FS46: Paying for care and support at home

FS69: Water advice


 Last updated: 09 Jun 2020

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