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Home adaptations and equipment

Anyone who leaves hospital should be offered an Occupational therapy (OT) assessment.

You can be referred for an OT assessment by;

  • Your GP
  • Southend’s Care and Support service on 01702 215008

OT’s will;

  • talk to you about what you find hard
  • look at your home situation
  • recommend equipment that will help you with everyday tasks.  

Equipment can make a difference to people's quality of life

There is equipment to help people with disabilities and medical conditions to:

The price of some equipment can appear to make it expensive. There are a number of ways to pay for equipment including:

Southend's Care and Support service may be able to fund some equipment. For more information, call the Access team on 01702 215008. 

Ask Sara has an assessment procedure. They can advise on equipment to meet your needs. You might be able to get equipment through your GP. You can contact the local wheelchair service for more information. 

There are some do's and don’ts before buying anything.

  • Do make sure the equipment will do what you think it will.
  • Don't buy the equipment without testing it first.
  • Remember your rights. You can normally expect at least 14 days to change your mind, and get a full refund.
  • Take a professional's advice, talk to an OT.

There are adaptations for your home to help you. These include

  • removing steps on your property
  • changing your bathroom to a wet room
  • widening doors
  • installing a stair lift
 Last updated: 15 May 2020

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