Working in Childcare

Whether you're thinking about a career working with children, are already working with children or looking for a change of career, we can support with information and guidance to help you.

Becoming a Childminder

As a childminder, you work in your own home, caring for other people's children.

If you love working with children, it could be the ideal career for you.

To be a successful childminder, you need to;

  • be adaptable

  • be flexible

  • enjoy working with children

  • would like to run your own business

  • passionately believe all children deserve the best start in life

  • be committed to providing quality care

If you are considering registering as a childminder in Southend, you will need to complete an information briefing session and a follow up EYFS session before you apply to Ofsted. 

In Southend we offer free 1:1 pre-registration sessions at the Civic Centre in Southend.  The session lasts for 90 minutes where we take you through the process of registering with Ofsted. The information session will give you all the information you need to help you decide whether childminding is the right career choice for you and looks at the training and other processes that are involved to register with Ofsted.

If you would like to get in touch to book a session or if you have any further questions please contact us at

PACEY also has a working in childcare section on their website which features information and advice on becoming a childminder, as well as tips and testimonials from those already running a successful childminding business

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Childcare Training

Job Vacancies

Search job vacancies with childcare providers in Southend

  You can also look for local job vacancies:

  • in Local Newspapers
  • through the Job Centre
  • recruitment websites
  • recruitment agencies