Welcome to our new website. You may have previously known us as ‘Southend Information Point (SHIP)'. Don’t worry we have all the same information as the old site.

There's so much more besides the seaside in Southend-on-Sea! There are many leisure activities and events listed here covering drama groups, sports clubs, horse riding and much more running throughout the year, during term time and the school holidays.

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How much do activities cost?

The price for each activity varies considerably and we recommend that you use the prices listed on the website as a guide only and contact providers direct to find the most recent cost. As many activities are privately run the Family Information Service holds no responsibility for the way they charge.

Southend Advantage Card offers on going value for money and is exclusive to residents living within the Borough of Southend-on-Sea by giving you discounts and reduced rates on a range of activities. 

What ages do the activities cover?

We hold information for activities for 0-25 year olds. Some activities will be targeted at specific age ranges. Where these are not stated we recommend you contact the provider direct for more information and to avoid disappointment.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

All activities strive to be inclusive for those with additional needs and disabilities. However we recommend that if you have any special requirements that you contact providers direct to discuss.

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