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Young Children's Voices Network

Young Children's Voices Network  Developing a Listening Culture - For all those working with and for young children aged birth to five Young children, practitioners (all those working directly with young children) and parents have experiences and views to share that can help shape the…

NHS Complaints

For details and information about NHS Complaints please look here: Alternatively you can contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group: You can also share your experiences of local health services via Healthwatch Southend 

Social Care Information for Young People

  Council for Disabled Children - Transforming Culture and Practice Social Care Resources: Click here Mental Capacty Act 2005 - Supported Decision making Leaflet:  click here  Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Easy Read Booklet: click here    

Local Organisations

Southend Carers Forum Southend Mencap Services - Search Mencap on the Livewell Southend Directory for details on each project/activity SNAP (Special Needs And Parents) Search SNAP on the Livewell Southend Directory - SNAP is an Essex charity for families with children and young people who have special needs…

Sexual health for gay and bisexual men

Having unprotected penetrative sex is the most likely way to pass on a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Go directly to: Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Hepatitis C Gonorrhoea ('the clap') Non-specific urethritis (NSU) Chlamydia Shigella Genital herpes Syphilis Genital warts Pubic lice ('crabs') Scabies Using a condom…

Children with Disabilities Team

The Children with Disabilities Team The Children with Disabilities Team includes: A Team Manager A Practice Manager  with responsibility for office management and the Duty System 2 Social Worker’s responsible for complex cases and child protection. One of these is a sensory lead. A Social…

Children with Disabilities - Principles

PRINCIPLES In all its work, the Children with Disabilities Team will seek to promote equality of opportunity and the reduction of discrimination against those with disabilities. The Team will also abide by the following principles: Disabled children are to be seen as children first Disabled…

Children with Disabilities - Referrals and Assessment

Referrals All referrals for an assessment of need for a child with a disability to Children’s Social Care should be made by contact with: Contact Times Available Telephone Number  MASH+ Mon to Thurs: 9am to 5.30pm Friday: 9am to 4.30pm   01702 215007   Professionals referring…

Careers and Business Advice

There are plenty of services to give you advice to solve your problems. These services can help if you Are out of work Looking for a new job Want some business advice We have listed some services on the right of this page.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Dementia isn’t a lone illness. It is a term for many symptoms of several conditions that can affect the brain. It can happen to anyone and there is currently no cure. However some treatments may help slow the disease down. There are links to the…

Day Trips and Outings

There are clubs and groups that offer day trips outings cultural activities Use the links to the right of this page to find out about local social groups. 

Children and Young People with Medical Conditions

Medical conditions Parents of children with medical conditions are often concerned that their child’s health will deteriorate when they attend school. This is because pupils with long-term and complex medical conditions may require ongoing support, medicines or care while at school to help them manage…

Forced Marriage and Modern Slavery

A forced marriage and an arranged marriage are not the same thing.  Arranged Marriage Families of both spouses take the lead to plan the marriage The choice to marry remains with the individual Forced Marriage One or both spouses do not agree to marry Wedding goes…

Groups for Disabled People

There are a lot of groups working for disabled people in the area. These include social groups and sports groups. Groups for disabled people are often run for the benefit of disabled people themselves. Use the links on the right for more information and services.…

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating contributes to overall health. If you are overweight you are at a greater risk of developing: heart disease hypertension diabetes  many other conditions. If you have an unhealthy diet, there is a greater chance that other parts of your life will be less…

Jewish Groups

Here you will find details of events, groups and support for those with a Jewish faith. Use the links on the right to find services.

Men's Social Groups

There are groups in the Southend area specifically for men.  These include faith groups, based at local churches. Some are linked to different religions or denominations, others are open to all.  There are groups for; gay men bi-sexual men, men from different minority ethnic backgrounds  We…

My Child has a Disability

If your child has a disability you can call the; Children with Disabilities team   01702 507155   On the right you will find links to some services and advice pages.

National Organisations

There are various National Organisations that can provide support and advice as follows:   You can check the Livewell Southend Directory for National and Local Support Groups The National Autistic Society - Parent to Parent Service - This is a UK wide service for parents/carers of children and young people who are…

Young People

This page holds useful links for Young People over 16 years old. Southend Connexions Young Peoples Activities Young Peoples Support Services

Crisis Services

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services (EWMHS) SOS Domestic Abuse Projects SERICC  Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults 

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