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Saint Cedd's (lifestreams) Youth club (led by Early Help Family Support)


Please be advised St Cedd's is open but for invite only if you are interested in a place please call number below. to suit ages  Ages 8-14 with limited capacity of 15 young people. . As Restrictions ease we to hope to go back to the below description soon.


very welcoming established youth club for two age ranges.

we have been running for 7 years from the church, we encourage the young people to explore local community  by visiting parks and green space available. 

The sessions are child led with staff to support and offer fresh ideas and interaction with set activities available.

our ethos is be safe, have fun, feel comfortable and be part of the group, or you can just sit and chill what ever suits you. 



Who to contact

Saint Cedd's Church(lifestream)
Bridgwater drive
westcliff on sea
View SS0 0DS on a map Get directions to SS0 0DS
Contact Name
Marie Gold
Contact Position
community and youth positive activity support worker

There is a membership form & code of conduct to understand the Covid 19 structure in preventing spread to complete so please have contact details and an emergency number for your child.

Saints Cedd's youth groups staffs deliver good examples of positive engagement developing relationships to support the young people to build confidence so they can explore confidently, learn new skills/knowledge to keep them self safe and confident around others.

We sometimes engage in partnership work so we can offer a range of sports and project themed activities. 



the venue is wheel chair friendly

limited car parking for drop off/pick ups

large hall space for soft ball play and team games

themed activities to support well being.

chill out space


local to green space/parks


Opening Times

When is it on
every Thursday 15:30- 17:00 8-11(primary years & 17:30-19:00 11 - 14 (secondary age)18:00
Day(s) of week
Time of day
Session Information
all activities are age appropriate and staffs have knowledge to be able to adapt to individual needs so young person feels equally included. most of the session is free play. Staffs will encourage sports and well being, positive approach and friendship building. .
if you would like to discuss session suited for your child please call Marie to discuss - Wed-Fri best or email.

Other Details


no cost


Referral Details

feel welcome to call the number above to see if we can cater for any additional needs. we are part of the Early Help Family Support Service and Youth offending service, working on prevention so have much experience in supporting families and young people.  


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