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Rosemead Home Group

The Rosemead Project is a 10 bed Supported Housing Project for Offenders with Complex needs aged 18+, We also have a step down house which  has a further 5 bed spaces, the property is situated in Wimborne Rd.

Who are we?

Home Group is committed to reducing the impact of homelessness and social disadvantage through its provision of specialist housing with care and support to meet a wide range of needs. The Organisation is committed to providing its services through individually tailored support plans for every service user and within a framework of equal opportunities, anti-discrimination, diversity and respect.

The Rosemead Project recognises the complex and unique set of related issues each individual faces, we take a positive approach in working with other agencies in order to address complex needs, and we work in partnership with both statutory and voluntary services, local education and employment services, local authority and private housing providers. The maximum stay is two years.

Our Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Rosemead Project in Southend are to provide short term accommodation for people who wish to change their lifestyles and develop their life skills. We aim to promote independence, while assisting customers in moving on to more appropriate and sustainable long-term housing.

To enable customers to have a greater understanding of their relationships between the parts of their lives and impact of those relationships upon their health and wellbeing.

To encourage and enable customers to engage in their own support planning and become active and empowered in their own lives, this includes making decisions and choices, making and meeting of appointments, participating fully in their support.

To assist customers in locating stable and sustainable housing in the future whilst respecting customer choice.

To help to understand the decisions, circumstances and lifestyle choices leading to their offending, to make changes to prevent future offending and to abide by statutory requirements including probation orders.

To support customers in completing HAP which in turn will demonstrate their ability to sustain future tenancies.

To support customers in all aspects of volunteering including Rosemead Garden and allotment projects. 

Applicants must be willing to engage in the support planning and process offered by the scheme, and support offered by other agencies/professionals where additional needs are identified.

To achieve our aims we have set a number of objectives including, including signposting to professional services:

Providing good quality furnished accommodation which offers reasonable levels of comfort, homeliness and privacy.

Providing support to new customers to settle into the accommodation and being available to discuss day to day problems as they arise, providing emotional support when needed.

Providing advice to customers on financial and practical issues in relation to their housing including payment of rent and claiming benefits.

Maximising independence through skills training, support and encouragement, role modelling and a consistent approach. 

Empowering customers to advocate for themselves to meet their own needs and aspirations within realistic aims and objectives (SMART). Empowerment for us means encouraging clients to take responsibility for identifying and making key decisions that will lead to their independence in the wider community.  To do this we:


Work together to identify and prioritise the individual’s needs,

Identify relevant information to help them make informed choice

Support them to achieve their aims and goals. 

  • Assist clients in move-on and resettlement: by helping them find more appropriate long-term accommodation and assisting with preparation and planning for their move.

Who do we house?

The Primary criteria for Applicants for housing at the Rosemead Project must be Offenders with at risk of re-offending. They must also be;

  • Over the age of 18
  • Single and not seeking to live with a partner or dependent children
  • Homeless or in housing need and have housing related support needs.
  • Must have the ability to pay rent either through being in employment or be eligible to receive housing benefit.
  • In need of support, and be motivated and be willing to develop the skills required for independent living within 2 years
  • Able to live in shared accommodation with people with similar support needs

We give higher priority for housing depending on the following indicators:

  • level of housing need and/or local connection
  • An initial risk assessment of the person’s compatibility with the service and other customers.


The Rosemead Project is within 10 minutes walking distance of Southend town Centre. The Job Centre, Volunteer Centre, Housing Benefits Department, DSS, Citizens Advice Bureau and leisure facilities are all located in or near the City Centre

We have a further property located in Wimborne Rd,  Southend, this property is a 7 minute walk from the Hastings Rd project and is designed to accommodate 5 clients preparing for move on.

We provide good quality furnished accommodation which offers reasonable levels of comfort, homeliness and privacy for single homeless adults that are committed to working towards gaining their independence.

Who to contact

8-10, Hastings Rd
Southend on sea
View SS1 2DR on a map Get directions to SS1 2DR
Contact Name
Alison Ponto
Contact Position
Senior Client Services Manager




This is a double fronted house.

We pride ourselves in providing volenteering opportunities for our clients within our project, this is in the form of our Garden Project enabling clients to participate in the developing and maintaining of the fruit and vegetables grown in the 25ft Poly-tunnel, all produce grown is free to the clients.

We also provide clients the opportunity to develop their skills within the project through our Home Achievement Programme HAP, this is an acredited training and development programme in partnership with One Awards, it promotes person-centred planning, giving individuals the opportunity to boost their skills, confidence and employment prospects while increasing resilience.

Opening Times

When is it on

Open weekdays Monday to Friday 9am until 7pm and open Saturdays 9am to 17.30pm.

Concierge are on site Monday to Sunday nights from 10pm - 6am

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

All referrals are made through the Access Point Gateway. 

Applications are via email, we will attend the Access Point Gateway panel on a fortnightly basis to review and agree to interview applicants.

Following the interview we will let you know if your application was successful.

If there is a vacancy, you could move in within a week or be put onto our waiting list.

For further information and application forms, please contact:

Southend Access Point

Southend on sea City Council

Civic Centre

Victoria Avenue



01702 534918


Other notes



Home Group  is committed to equal opportunities and no-one applying for housing will be treated less favourably than any other person


 We regret that this accommodation is not wheelchair accessible.

Who can apply?


v         Single people with an offending history  

 v         Men or women 18 +

v         People who are homeless and considered to be at risk of offending or re-offending. 

v         Committed to becoming independent

 v         Motivated towards independent living and finding appropriate move-on accommodation




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