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The Adviice platform allows individuals who are looking for coaching on any range of issues to connect and reach out to an expert in the respective field of interest. Our experts are highly qualified, have superb communication skills, and are willing and able to support and provide the assistance an individual may need.

An individual could simply just be looking for a listening ear, someone who can help them grow their business, or provide guidance on the current direction their life is taking, among many other actions.

These connections bring meaningful conversations in different areas, which aim to inspire positive personal change.

The experts, coaches, therapists and practitioners that we host at Adviice have a vast range of subject-specific knowledge, many of whom boast world class credentials.

Our aim is to enhance one's happiness, success and general wellbeing in life. We do this through offering coaching in the following areas:

- Life Coaching

- Career Coaching

- Business Coaching

- Health & Wellness

- Mindset Coaching

- Leadership Coaching

- Relationship Coaching

Who to contact

Contact Name
Samuel Foreman
Contact Position
Creative Director



Adviice is an online platform - accessible to all across the UK.


This service, organisation or event is listed for your information. With the exception of services offered directly by Southend-on-Sea City Council, inclusion on Livewell Southend does not confer or imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by Southend-on-Sea City Council. The Council can take no responsibility for the quality, reliability or accessibility of the service, organisation or event listed. You should thoroughly check the service or event, and the organisation running it, before deciding to take part or attend.

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