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Wiltshire Farm Foods

Home delivery of nutritious frozen meals and deserts directly to your freezer for anyone of any age. 

Delivering all over the Essex area for over 15 years by local drivers with over 4000 customers.

Ideal if you cannot get to the shops, find it difficult to cook, or even if you can cook but do not always feel like cooking.

  • Order by telephone, post or Internet.
  • Pay by Debit/Credit card, cash or cheque.
  • Various dietary requirements catered for including diabetic, gluten free, soft and pureed
  • Audio brochures available on request

For more information and opportunities for discount vouchers, please call or email.

We can also arrange a demonstration for your complex/group/meeting completely free of charge to give you more information and a chance to try some samples.

Who to contact

Wiltshire Farm Foods
23, Bowlers Croft
Honywood Road
SS14 3DX
View SS14 3DX on a map Get directions to SS14 3DX
Contact Name
Kelly Bocutt (Parker)
Contact Position
Marketing Manager

Other Details



Prices start from around £2.00 to around £5.00


Referral required


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