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Livewell Southend / SEND Local Offer

The Local Area SEND Partnership

The Local Area SEND Structure June 21

The Local Area SEND Partnership

The SEND Partnership governance structure has been operational since November 2020. 

As a Partnership, we want children, young people and their families to be happy, and to thrive.

Our commitment is to:

  •  provide help and support as early as possible
  • provide opportunities to prepare SEND children and young people for adulthood.

These opportunities include support to:

  • maximise life chances,
  • make good progress and
  • achieve outcomes

The Health and Wellbeing Board (HWWB) and the SEND Strategic Partnership Board (SSSPB) lead the work by providing strategic oversight and scrutiny of the SEND operational workstreams.

 The Boards also:

  • Strategically lead effective, precise and timely joint commissioning of SEND services.
  • Ensure there is a consistent strategy and holistic approach to support the child and the family
  • Embed SEND reforms at leadership level across Southend.

The HWBB specifically discusses SEND, at their meetings, at least twice each year.

You can view the agenda, minutes and papers of the SSSPB meetings by visiting Southend Democratic Services

The minutes or papers may include information of a confidential or commercially sensitive nature which may be covered by the Data Protection Act. In such circumstances confidentiality will be maintained.

 Last updated: 02 Jun 2021

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