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Livewell Southend

February 2022 - Top 10 pages

Top ten most viewed pages:

  1. The Lighthouse Child Development Centre - 355 views
  2. South Essex Homes - 242 views
  3. Essential Living Fund - 174 views
  4. Do you know a child or family needing early help? Information for Professionals - 166 views
  5. Cygnets Swimming Lessions - 123 views
  6. Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS) - 108 views
  7. Hamelin Trust Hydrotherapy Pool - 102 views
  8. Marigold Assessment Plus (Allan Cole accredited child contact centre) - 96 views
  9. Active Life for a Healthier You - 91 views
  10. Lady McAdden Breast Screening Unit - 85 views

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How to get more views

  • Use plain English. If your record is hard to read people will not look at it.
  • Add you logo to your page if you have one.
  • Make sure you have all the key information.
  • Use keywords. For example, if you offer debt advice you would use keyword such as money, support, finances, help, and debt.
  • Consent to your information being displayed on the interactive map!


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 Last updated: 03 Mar 2022

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